Dr Ali Mazaheri

Cognitive Neurophysiology Lab



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I am a Senior Lecturer at the School of Psychology, University of Birmingham and a Principle Investigator at the Center for Human Brain Health.


The working brain is composed of multiple networks which must be alternatively engaged and disengaged according to task demands. How is this functional architecture shaped? The overarching theme of my research has been looking at the oscillatory activity in the MEG and EEG to understand how this functional architecture is achieved in the healthy population and how it is altered in different clinical groups.


Since my appointment in Birmingham in 2015, I have added a new branch to my research line investigating patterns of brain activity that could be indicative of cognitive reserve, or conversely vulnerability. Within this research line it was revealed that the subtle attenuation of oscillatory brain responses to simple words to indicate vulnerability to Alzheimer’s disease in 3 years (Mazaheri et al., 2017). Most recently in a collaboration with a research group in Baltimore, I found that the frequency of ongoing alpha activity at rest, was a predictor of an individual’s pain threshold (Furmen et al., 2018).





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